Taste of India-Authentic Indian Tandoori cooking



A taste of India all starts with the tandoor, a very hot radiant heat cooking oven that can approach 900 degrees. This unique oven creates the distinctively delicious Indian meats and flatbreads. The restaurant offers a lunch buffet daily if you’d like to get a taste for a variety of Indian foods, or dinner off the menu to indulge in your favorites.
Taste of India

Taste of India

We started with the “Mixed Platter” appetizer that includes Samosa, Vegetable, Chicken and Paneer Pakora. All of these tidbits are fried and come with a delicious house made dipping sauce. The vegetable and chicken dumplings were our favorite, but all were very good. There are 17 vegetarian entrees, providing one of the largest selections of any vegetarian menu.

There are a vast number of spicy and unique entrees to choose from, our first was the “Butter Chicken.” This dish features white meat chicken in a yogurt with ginger, garlic, butter (of course) and cream. It is creamy and tangy and pairs nicely with the garlic butter flat bread or Naan-ok so butter and more butter…yum!

The Beef Curry was deliciously different. The Taste grinds and blends all of their own spices, and the curry is deftly mixed with just enough savor and just enough punch. You can even as for “Mild, Medium, Hot or Super Hot.” We went with medium to get a base line, no doubt the “super hot” would be for hot heads only!

Beef Curry

Beef Curry

Speaking of heat, we tried the “Lassi” a traditional Indian drink with yogurt, strawberry and banana. It combines the sweet with a little salt and is a great way to calm the heat and keep you going back for more.



The Taste of India is set back in a strip center and relatively nondescript on the outside, but the flavors on the inside really shine for those that love authentic Indian dishes. Leave your American tastebuds at home and give it a try.


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