Rocco’s Italian Restaurant-Hometown feel with a Gourmet Twist

Baked Italian Mushrooms

Baked Italian Mushrooms

Rocco’s Italian Restaurant has been indulging guests at Academy and Maizeland for over 26 years. Chef Robert Tust purchased the restaurant from “Rocco” and has owned and operated it for most of that time. Chef Tust combines classic Italian dishes with inventive and exotic specials including ostrich and kangaroo. The atmosphere of Rocco’s is welcoming and warm. They will soon expand into the old Steak Smith restaurant location in order to increase seating capacity past 300. Rocco’s atmosphere is casual and friendly, the staff is really welcoming and friendly.

We started with the “Baked Italian Mushrooms for two.” Button mushrooms sautéed in butter and then topped with gooey mozzarella cheese and homemade brown gravy. This favorite is so good that you will use the fresh warm Italian bread to sop up every drop.

We tried the house specialty “Pasti Cannoli.” Spicy sausage and meatball wrapped in Ortega Peppers and then stuffed into pizza dough and baked golden brown. Rocco’s is the only place to enjoy this pasti and they make it great. The best part is that its topped with their famous red sauce. This sauce looks so simple but is just wonderfully addictive.

Pasti Cannoli

Pasti Cannoli

We also enjoyed the red sauce on their gnocchi potato dumplings. These are not made in house but are always kept fresh and are very tasty.

If you go to Rocco’s ask if they have any of Laurie’s home made Italian Cream Cake. This cake is so super moist and unique. It is enough for two to share and is topped with a delicious cream and coconut frosting. Very unique and delicious. We recommend Rocco’s Italian Restaurant at

Italian Cream Cake

Italian Cream Cake

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