Crave Burgers- Come Hungry, Bring Napkins

Crave Burgers is the brain child of Jeff Richard, who has operated the Old Stone Church restaurant in Castle Rock for years. One Sunday he offered to take his kids to a great burger joint. They quickly realized that no place existed that created the kind of Food Network burgers that you see on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, or Man vs. Food. The entrepreneurial spirit and culinary training in NYC kicked in and Crave was born. Jeff challenged his chefs to create “a burger that they would make if they were eating it.”

Crave is a table service restaurant, but is decidedly casual. Paper menus on the table and (thankfully) a stocked napkin holder. We found the entire staff from owner to manager to wait staff to be super friendly and helpful. They have already won numerous awards, including “Denver Burger of the Year” for the “Wise Guy.”

Wise Guy with Sweet Potato Fries

Wise Guy with Sweet Potato Fries

Speaking of the Wise Guy, we had to try that one-6 oz. burger on a brioche bun with fried mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, tomato, onion and pesto with balsamic and olive oil. A decidedly Italian taste that somehow combines into a scrumptious taste. This is such a unique burger flavor and is perfect if you are feeling more like a dinner entree than a lunch.

Colorado Burger with dual Chili Fries

Colorado Burger with dual Chili Fries

The Colorado burger is one of the most popular and we can see why. Shredded lamb, poblanos, onions, pepper jack, avocado, chipotle mayo and tomato. The sweet lamb meet is a very unique flavor and ties well with the creamy avocado. This burger is a quite large and definitely requires several napkins.

We tried the sweet potato fries and the loaded chili cheese fries. Both products are frozen and fried due to space limitations. The sweet potato fries are a nice change from the usual. The green chili is made in house and is good, but could use a little more bite. The red chili is decidedly sweet with a cinnamon note. We were split on this one, some will find it deliciously unique others just too sweet for red chili. Try it first before you commit.

Velvet Elvis!

Velvet Elvis!

They have “adult shakes”, but we were there for lunch and stuck to a classic peanut butter shake with hot fudge, but it was outdone by our other shake, the Velvet Elvis. Pecan Praline ice cream, peanut butter, banana, and bacon! Everything truly is better with bacon and its great to get that salty bite among the sweet chocolate. Give it a try.

We really enjoyed Crave. Not the cheapest burger in town, but with the size of these burgers there was enough for a bite the next day.

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