The MoZaic-All the pieces fit perfectly!

The Mozaic at the Inn at Palmer Divide is the area’s best fine dining experience. Their new chef, Scarlett Farney, has put together a wonderful menu with some welcome surprises. She has a deft hand and the dishes are flavorful and well balanced. The atmosphere of the restaurant is classy without any pretension. The views of the front range from their picture windows make you glad you live in Colorado. The inn also host conferences and weddings and seems like a great venue.

Hot Kisses

Hot Kisses

We started with the “Hot Kisses” (why wouldn’t you?)-Jumbo bacon wrapped shrimp served with a fresh jalapeño risotto. When the Mozaic says “Jumbo” they mean it. These shrimps were very large and very tender. Our one suggestion would be for the bacon to be precooked more so that the fat was rendered when the shrimp was cooked, but the risotto more than compensated for that little issue. The creamy risotto had a nice heat that was far from overwhelming and added a great balance to the sweet shrimp. A fabulous appetizer. The “Warm apple salad” is a crowd favorite for good reason. Roasted green apples on a fresh bed of mixed greens are topped with melted goat cheese and walnuts and a red wine vinaigrette. Warm, sweet, crunchy and acidic come together for a memorable salad.
Scallops in Vanilla Burre Blanc

Scallops in Vanilla Burre Blanc

We tried the Scallops in a vanilla buerre blanc. These are paired with lightly sautéed spinach, dried cranberries and candied carrots. Again, chef Scarlett delicately balances flavors in this dish. The scallops are large, fresh and sweet. There is no hint of “fishiness” here-these are some of the nicest freshest scallops we have ever come across. This entree was light and delectable. It paired well with a crisp Colorado Riesling.
Prime Rib!

Prime Rib!

We also tried the house Prime Rib. It is a very generous portion of perfectly medium rare prime rib. It comes with a small pitcher of Au Jus and ramekin of horse radish sauce. A welcome way to control the flavor of the au jus without soaking your plate-brilliant! The meat had a very nice flavorful crust and was served with a loaded baked potato and fresh baby asparagus. If you are a true meat lover, this is your dish! We paired this with one of the Mozaic’s signature Long Island Iced Teas. They pack a punch, beware! We highly recommend fine dining at The Mozaic!
Long Island

Long Island

The Mozaic routinely will pair a “bed and breakfasty” room at the Inn with a gourmet meal. Look for coupons at http://www.Foodieclicks.commoZaic Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “The MoZaic-All the pieces fit perfectly!

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  2. I have never ate at this restaurant but they did have a booth setup last year for the Tastes of Palmer Lake and I have say what they were offering were great, so I can only assume their restaurant is the same.

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