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Alex the Owner and "Barbecue King"

Alex the Owner and “Barbecue King”

What a Great Find!

When you come into Mexi-Blues BBQ you are greeted by LeAnn and Alex (the Barbecue King) Moreno. They just recently came to Colorado Springs from Houston Texas, the capital of great smoked Barbecue. Save 50% with a coupon at

Alex owned restaurants in Texas and has brought his homemade recipes to us! All of the meats-Brisket, Pulled Pork, Beef and Sausage, are smoke to perfection on site. Alex bastes them in him secret homemade sauce for a sandwich to die for. All of their sides are made in house-creamy cole slaw, potato salad, and crunchy and sweet corn bread-yum! Don’t forget the peach cobbler (if you still have room).

Other specialties that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else include fried pickles and Southern Fried Catfish. The Angus burger is a personal favorite as it is a full ten ounces of fresh beef-its a monster!

We just went in for the new Breakfast menu and tried the “Brisket Taco.” Its filled with Brisket, fresh eggs, potatoes, and I got the homemade green chili. It’s tasty and very filling. There are other breakfast items from platters to pancakes. And guess what? They serve genuine Starbucks coffee, an unexpected pleasure.

We couldn’t leave Mexi-Blues without a six pack of their famous homemade tamales to go! If you are like us your mouth waters every time you pass a car on the side of the road with a hand written “Tamale” sign, but it just never seems safe to stop! Well you’ve found your fix. Mexi-Blues tamales are hand wrapped in corn husk and perfectly cooked and seasoned. They give a little “back of the mouth kick” that leaves you craving for more. Ole!

They also offer catering by the pound and “Friday Family Packs” 2 meats, 2 large sides Corn Bread and Condiments.

Mexi-Blues is located 3 minutes from I-25 off Woodmen rd. and Delmonico. The Mexi-Blues location truly defines “Hole-in-the-Wall”, but the flavor of the food is huge. If you’ve been looking for a great place to find homemade Mexican or Barbecue, you’ve just found both! We give it an enthusiastic recommendation at FoodieClicks.




2 thoughts on “Mexi-Blues Barbecue

  1. I have had their breakfast and it is a great deal for sure. Next time I will be trying out some of great smelling brisket. Great review!!

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