Lemongrass Bistro-Pho-Ney

The Lemongrass Bistro on North Academy is a real disappointment for Vietnamese food lovers. Tucked into a rundown strip center, the restaurant seems schizophrenic with a full liquor bar and walls with peeling paint and food splattered walls. The manager is not welcoming like we come to expect from family restaurants. Customers seem to be treated like a nuisance. We tried the Chicken Pho and do not recommend it. This classic dish did come with some nice fresh herbs, but the broth was just not flavorful. Heaps of Hoisin and Sriracha made it passable, but the chicken was just awful. It was thin and very dry and we ended up taking it out of the dish. It had no flavor and was so dry that it could not absorb any from the broth. We do not recommend the Lemongrass Bistro.

The chicken was so dry it was inedible!

The chicken was so dry it was inedible!

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3 thoughts on “Lemongrass Bistro-Pho-Ney

    • Thanks Terry. We attempted to meet with the management at Lemongrass to discuss, but they do not respond. We’d like to hear from them about our concerns. If you have any favorite dishes, let us know and we will try those next time we are there.

      • No worries we have eaten their quite a bit and even when they are busy they still give us some of the best food in town, Here are a few recommendations: Kung Pao Chicken, Combination fried rice, Roasted Duck wonton soup and they have a creat your own spring rolls that are great.

        Keep up the good work with the reviews, I hope to hear of some more new ones in the future.

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