Dale St. Bistro-Not worth the cost!

It had been years since we visited The Dale Street Bistro. It is located downtown in an old Victorian that is, unfortunately, in desperate need of updating. What was once nice and romantic seems run down and outdated now, it is evident that not much care has gone into the home in the last decade. The food, although good is not gourmet and does not warrant the $14 to $21 price, and the owners and wait staff are not welcoming. Our biggest disappointment was the Gnocchi Gorgonzola at $13.95. The gnocchi had the tell tale stripes and rubbery taste of Sam’s Club pre-packaged gnocchi. Very disappointing. For some fresh homemade gnocchi the way it is intended to be, we recommend going downtown to Fratelli’s Ristorante, the food and ambiance there is vastly superior-see our review of Fratelli’s.
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"Sam's Club" gnocchi

“Sam’s Club” gnocchi

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2 thoughts on “Dale St. Bistro-Not worth the cost!

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your review. I have visited there more than a few times to see if they would get and better but things just stayed the same. I would have to say it is a very mediocre place.

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